Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea composed exclusively of leaves of Camellia sinensis (or Thea chinensis), which during processing must not undergo any oxidation. Of Chinese origin, it has been consumed for centuries in various Asian regions, from Japan to the Middle East. It has only recently found its spread in the West, where traditionally black tea is mostly consumed. Globally, it is the second most popular tea variety: 2.5 million tons of world-produced tea, 20% is green tea (78% black tea, 2% oolong tea )

tè verde

Antioxidant action (flavonoids).
Anti-degenerative properties: synergistic action of polyphenolic derivatives of  phyto-complexed with cell protection from the typical damage of neurodegenerative diseases.
From studies: preventative inhibitory activities against carcinogenesis (EGCG epigalocatechin gallate, growth inhibitory activity and tumor cell proliferation).
Slimming properties: caffeine, theobromine, theophylline (methylxanthine), sugar absorption reduction, lipolysis.
Detoxifying action: increased diuresis (also recommended in cases of water retention, cellulitis, urinary tract infections)