ECHINACEA EKINA-KOS® (Phyto-complex)

The medicinal use of this plant is lost in time: the Americans of North America used rhizome to treat various sores and skin problems, trauma injuries, snake bites, smallpox, measles, epidemics, arthritis, and preparation of mouthwash . For external use, echinacea rhizome has in fact healing, anti-infective and re-epithelial properties.

The modern pharmacopoeia has extended popular knowledge by attributing these plants a prominent role in strengthening immune defense. In addition to outdoor uses for medicinal or phyto-cosmetic purposes, echinacea can also be used for the treatment of influenza and colds. The European Agency for Medicines EMEA has approved the use of Echinacea purpurea flower extract for short-term prevention and treatment of colds.

  Increases phagocytic activities of endothelial-lymphatic systems (monocytes, macrophages) and leukocytes (phytocomplex)
  Strengthens the specific immune system
  Antibacterial and bacteriostatic activities (echinacoside)
  Antiviral activity blocks penetration (viral DNA) into healthy cells.
  Corticosimile anti-inflammatory activities (echinacea)