La provenienza del Calcio minerale

Our organism, in order to perform many functions, needs a constant supply of minerals. Integration of minerals becomes indispensable if there is an unbalanced diet or where it is required for increased intake, see osteoporosis and other skeletal disorders.

Often the minerals present in the supplements, because of their inorganic origin, are very difficult to be absorbed by the body. However, minerals present in fossil corals are believed to be most bioavailable, with the following characteristics:

  • The elements present in the corals are of mineral origin and have not been digested or processed by animal organisms beforehand.
  • The peculiar quantizational composition of fossil corals brings minerals in "naturally" balanced concentrations to allow for better interaction and synergy. In the human body the ratio between calcium and magnesium is 48: 1. In fossil coral is 43: 1
  • The minerals present in the corals are easily ionized in an aqueous environment.
  • High biocompatibility is also ensured by the fact that many bone substitutes used in modern surgical practice in the orthopedic field are of coral origin, and that the bone does not recognize it as a foreign body.
  • In addition, oral supplementation of a mixture of minerals and their salified forms, such as that found in fossil coral, allows to control plasma pH within physiological limits. In modern society, one takes a very unbalanced diet, rich in foods that generate acidity, such as, for example, Cereals, protein-rich foods, and refined sugars. This unbalanced diet results in an acidic condition in response to a subtraction of calcium and other alkalinizing minerals from the blood and tissues. It is known that many pathologies are associated with a condition of blood acidosis, whether it is of metabolic or respiratory origin.

That is why all Diamond Life Calcium based products are made exclusively of fossil coral reef, the most bioavailable and best matchable form of calcium in nature.