Who we are

Diamond Life is an Italian company that develops and distributes nutraceuticals, herbal products and food supplements.
Thanks to the experience, the enthusiasm and the initiative of the CEO and founder, Diamond Life has blended the most natural raw materials for years, creating exceptional results.
Diamond Life is located in Parma, an area that has always been dedicated to food production, the headquarter of EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) and an UNESCO heritage site for food.


We work with professionals with 30 years of experience in the managment of natural products.
Together with them we spread the culture of an healthy and balanced life and develop pure natural ingredients with the highest quality.
Our products are for everyone, infact they are:
GMO Free, Gluten Free, with NO Allergens and Acesulfame K, Lactose Free, Sugar Free, with NO Dyes, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly.

How our formulations were born
Partnership with internationally renowned medical specialists in the prevention and improvement of health through the use of natural products.

√ Internationally patented by the most important laboratories.
√ Innovative technologies for maximum effectiveness.
√ Exclusive use of the best raw materials worldwide


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