Privacy Policy

According to art. 13 del Regolamento EU 679/2016

Last updated 25.05.2018

With the following documentation Diamond Life S.R.L., owner of the website, declares that the User and his / her personal data, related to the internal browsing through the website with direct access to the homepage or other pages, will be treated respectfully in order to guarantee the proper security. It has been specified that this disclosure, according to the articolo 13 del Regolamento EU 679/2016, it is not valid for other websites accessible through links present here.


1.1. Data coming from the user's browsing.

These data, through the normal functioning of the website, are acquired and transmitted implicitly in the use of Internet communication protocols. Those are information acquired not to indentify individuals, but they could lead to the indentification of individuals through the process of data from Third parts.

In this category of data are included the IP addresses or computer names used by users that get online in our website, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required resources, the time of the request, the method used for the server request, the file size obtained in response, the code number showing the state of the response given by the server (ok, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system of the users.

These activities of processing and associating data have never been undertaken bu the owner of the website, but they are used with the purpose of control the right functioning and are then cancelled automatically after the processing is done.

1.2. Data given spontaneously by the user.

These data are given by the user, during the voluntary interaction with the website, through the filling of the contact form, or through e-mail, with the aim of asking information or any other personal reason. For each of the data spontaneously given from the user himself / herself is issued an authorisation of data processing.

Specific information will be progressively reported and seen in the websites pages used for particular services upon request.


See point 11.


The “social plugins” are buttons in the website that show social network (such as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, ecc.) icons and they allow the users to interact directly with social media, i.e. sharing content.


The use of users data has the following purposes:

  • collection of data entered and sent voluntarily by the user through the filling of the form “contact and / or registration” in our website; 
  • collection of data given voluntarily by the user through e-mail to the addresses in the website;
  • response to requested information;
  • allow the user to enroll to the owner's newsletter;
  • avoid and prevent fraudolent activities or damages to the website;
  • exert the owner rights, i.e. in case of a trial.

The data processing owner is Diamond Life S.R.L., whome legal headquarters are in Parma, Via Robert Koch 20/A, 43123, Pilastrello, Parma. The owner is available to be contacted through the following contact details:

  • Telefono: +39 0521-992354;
  • E-mail:

The data processing will be carried out electronically and authomatically, for the time necessary to reach the goals and purposes for whom they were collected.

Personal data collected through the website will not be published or given to Third parts, and will be kept in the records of the housing server provider, with methods that guarantee the respect of the maximum confidentality.


The contribution of personal data from the user, with the purposes mentioned above, is always free and optional. However, the refusal of sharing these data will make impossible to give feedbacks to information requested via form or e-mail.


The personal data given through this or other websites are not accessible outside EU.


The website and the owner's services are not intended for people less than 18 years old and the owner does not accept intentionally personal information referred to children. In case some information will be accidentally registered, the owner will immediately cancel them upon users' request.


The GDPR Regulation guarantees to subjects certain rights about their own personal data handled by the owner. Particularly the users Law recognises the rights artt. 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 77 and 82 of the GDPR (i.e. obtaining confirmation of the existence of their own data, removing data handled against the law, refusing the use of data for legitimate reason, etc.).

The owner will provide a feedback within 30 days and, in case it would be impossible to meet the deadline, he will give proper explanations. The feedback will be given for free, exept for excessive or unfounded situation, that could have a cost not above the actual cost of the research made.

For any request, clarification, claims or complaint the user can contact us via e-mail at the address:, or via post addressed to the owner of the data processing, mentioned at point 5.


Diamond Life S.R.L. has the right to modify, update, add or remove any part of this privacy policy in any moment and at its discretion. The user has to regularly verify any modifications published on this web page.


Last updated 25.05.2018

According to artt. 13 of Regolamento EU 679/2016 and Provvedimento generale del Garante privacy dell’8 maggio 2014, Diamond Life S.R.L., with headquarters in Pilastrello (PR), Via Robert Koch 20/A, 43123 Owner of the personal data processing, will give to the users of the website some information about the used cookies.

What are cookies?

“Cookies” are little test files, created automatically at the moment of the access to the website, and they have the aim of make cyber authentication, monitor sessions and memorize specific information about the user and his / her visit.

Cookies are sent by the server (physical site of the website) of the website visited by the user's browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ecc.), then they are memorized locally on the user's computer and then transmitted again during the next visit to our website. 

During the browsing, the user may also receive cookies from different websites (third party cookies) set by a third party, who set the methods and ways these are delivered.

Cookies can stay in the user's computer for long or short periods of time, depending on their characteristics.

Type of cookies.

Session Cookies

Their duration depends on the browsing session and they are authomatically deleted when the user leaves the website.

Persistant Cookies

They are constant and they are memorized also after the browsing session has been closed, up to the set expiry date.

First Party Cookies

They belong to the visited website, which is the one transmitting them directly.

Third Party Cookies

They belong to third party websites. The website browsed by the user and its owner do not have any control on these. Their unacceptance does not influence the website browsing.

The use of these cookies has rules set by third parties, so, in order to manage and cancel them, the users will have to read the cookies policy on the third parties' websites.

Categories of cookies.

Technical and necessary Cookies:

Technical, browsing and session cookies guarantee the normal browsing and use of the website. According to Provvedimento del Garante dell’8 maggio 2014, for their use it is not required any consent from the user.

Performance Cookies:

In order to improve the website performance, performance cookies will take anonimously information about the methods of use and website browsing, for example the pages most visited or the error pages.

Functional Cookies:

Functional cookies memorize information picked based on the decision made by the user, in order to improve and personalise the website, through advanced functioalities, such as authomatic language selection, saving products in the shopping kart, sharing contents on social media, etc.

The website uses AddThis. For further information about AddThis.

Functional Cookies used by

Cookie name




It identifies the user who had access to the webste and it will memorize the cookies' acceptance banner.

30 days


It is used for the management of the cookies plugin.

1 year


It is use to manage the counting of sharings, up to the update of the sharing cache.

1 year


It is used to show the sharings counting updated for an article: if you share it, it goes back to the next page but before the sharing cache has been updated. No information from this cookie has to be sent to AddThis.It is created and used only on client.

1 year

Advertising Cookies:

Advertising cookies monitor and profile the users during their browsing, studying and memorizing their options and habits on this and other websites, and their usage habits, in order to show personalised ads.

The website does not use advertising cookies.

Analytic Cookies:

Analytic cookies are used to collect information about the usage of the various website sections and about how users interact with it, for statistic analysis about the pages' visualization, number of visitors and duration of their visit, so the website can be improved and semplified and its functioning can be monitored.

The information are collected anonimously and used just for statistic aims, without keeping any personal data of the users.

Analytic cookies are sent from the website itself or from third party.

Analytic Cookies used in the website:

The website uses Google Analytics, a service of web analysis provided by Google Inc. (“Google”), which uses analytic cookies installed on the users' computer to collect data and undertake statistical analysis about the usage of the visited website anonimously.

In the webpage you can find more information about this service's policy.

Google's Privacy Policy ( regulates the handling of personal data of the users using Google's products and services.

You can find the list of cookies used by Google Analytics at the following link:

Google Analytics used in the website

Cookie name




Used by Google Analytics to identify users. 

2 years


Used by Google Analytics to identify users.

24 hours


Used by Google Analytics to increase the speed of the requests.

1 minute

Social network Cookies:

These are cookies from third parties generated by “social plugin” for social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. These plugins are represented by icons visible on the host website, that do not have automatic functioning, but they transmit information through cookies only after an user's action (click). The icon will stay active until the user decides to de-activate it, or to cancel the related cookie. Once activated, the social network can collect data, independently from the effective use of the icon. If, at the same time, the user has made a social network access, this one can link the visit to the website having the plugin to the user's account on the social network itself. To avoid this link, the user has to deactivate the access on social network before clicking on the icon. 

These plugins have the main purpose of allowing the sharing of content on social media. This website does not have any influence on the purposes of the data collection made by third parties through these types of plugins.

Being plugins from third parties, they are regulated by the social networks and so, to deactivate or manage these cookies the users have to read the cookies and privacy policies published on the third parties' websites.

Social Network Cookies used in this website

Social Network



Collected Personal Data

Collection Site

(Facebook Inc.)

Button “Like” and social widgets

“Like” button and social widget of Facebook are services of interaction with Facebook social network, provided by Facebook Inc.

Cookies and data of website usage.


For further information about these cookies and how to deactivate them, visit the following link:

Facebook –

Method of data processing.

The data processing is done through electronic and automated mechanisms, with no spread and share to third party.

Date contribution.

Except for technical cookies which are really necessary for guarantee normal browsing, the data contribution depends on the users, who decide or not to browse the website after having read the brief policy wirtten in the banner at the moment of the access.

To avoid the installation of cookies it is possible to deactivate this function thurough the functions available in the browser itself (see “Deactivate Cookies”).

Acceptance and consent to data processing.

The acceptance and the consent to the data processing through cookies happens after reading the banner and clicking “OK”.

If there is no interaction with the consent banner and the user closes it continuing browsing the website, it is considered that the consent has been given for all the cookies.

Cookies deactivation.

To proceed to the deactivation of the cookies and / or decide the block level wanted, the user can use the browser itself, changing its settings. Here is a list of links of the main browsers to deactivate cookies and modify the settings.













More information about the privacy can be send to the owner of the data processing through this email address

Legal notes

Last updated 25.05.2018


This website, accessible through the URL (referred from now as “Website”), belongs exclusively to Diamond Life S.R.L.

Its usage and the related browsing implies the full acceptance of the following Legal Notes (conditions of the website usage), as well as Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and any other disclaimer published anywhere in the website itself, all legally binding for the users.

The use and browsing of the website and the usage of its contents, products and / or services take place free of charge, unless explicitaly said so.

The website can contain link to other websites managed by third parties: Diamond Life S.R.L. does not have any control on those links and does not guarantee their accuracy or other aspects.


The access and usage of this website are entirely at the risk of the user. Accessing or using this website, the user accepts Diamond Life S.R.L.'s plea of not responsability, as well as its agents and / or employees for any loss or damage direct or indirect or consequent of the usage of the information and material in the website.


All the content of this website belong to Diamond Life S.R.L. and it is protected by copyright. It is forbidden to download, copy, riproduce, republish, distribute pictures, photos, information, software, products or services from this website without previous consent from Diamond Life S.R.L.

Diamond Life S.R.L. makes available to users some documentation, which can be downloaded for personal use only. Copyright and Diamond Life S.R.L. references cannot be cancelled or modified.


Diamond Life S.R.L. has the right to modify in any way, moment and for any reason the content and information in the website (materials, products, prices, availability, etc.), including this agreement, withouth previous communication. The users have the responsibility of reading the Legal Notes. The continuative use of the website after modifications implies the acceptance of the modifications made.


All the content in this website is protected by the copyright © of Diamond Life S.R.L.

All rights reserved to the owner according to the Law.

According to art. 1, comma 1 del decreto-legge 22 marzo 2004, n. 72, as modified by the law 21 maggio 2004 n. 128, the content present in this website has fullfilled any obbligation coming from the copyright law and its related laws.
The reproduction, public spreading and communication, rental or pubblic execution without the owner's authorisation is forbidden.
To the violations of the law the following sanctions will be applied: art. 171, 171-bis, 171-ter, 174-bis and 174-ter of the law 633/1941.
According to art. 5 della legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633 about copyright protection, the official documents written by the Government and pubblic administration, both italian and foreign, are not covered by the copyright. The indicated copyright refers to the elaboration and presentation form of the written texts themselves.

Violations of the copyright will have to be presented in written form and sent to Diamond Life S.R.L.


Any use of this website and any legal controversy related to the website will be manged only by the Italian Law.




Personal data (such as name, surname, email address, etc.) given by the user through the form on the website page will be known and handled, in respect of the competent current Law, by the Corporation employees, as one of their roles.

Personal and commercial data are treated in the normal context of the Corporation and according to the following purposes:

  1. To carry out operations linked to the begin of the contractual relationship with the client, including the collection of the preliminary information at the end of the contract; 
  2. To start communicate about products' promotions or informative content.

The data handling of the owner is legittimate according to art. 6 of GDPR, with the contractual purpose and also by the acquired consent of data handling by the owner.


All the data processing done by the corporation are made through paper and electronically, and they are related to the purposes described at the point 1 and respect the indications of GDPR agli artt. da 5 a 11.
Specifically the owner of the data processing respects these principles as they are set out by GDPR:

  • Legality, meaning exclusively the execution of the contract and / or the respect of the consents given; 
  • Minimisation, meaning the data processing done use the minimum amount of data necessary to the purposes for whom they are collected;
  • Limitation, meaning the handling of data are limited to the purposes describe at the point 1;
  • Security, meaning it guarantees the application of measurement of security required by internatonal standards and suggested by the best practices in the same field. Particularly, to guarantee continuative security, in addiction to the function of user identifier, it is possible that it uses specific functions, also provided by third parties (i.e. Internet providers, service provider, phone provider, etc.) to identify and locate the devices used during the execution of the functionality offered;
  • Accuracy, it keeps your data equal to the reality (i.e. home address, email, phone number, etc.);
  • Integrity,  takes the best practice of data management in order to reduce to the minimun the risk of mistakes during your data handling.

Personal data collected by the corporation can be shared, only according to the purposes described before, with the following subjects or categories of subjects:

  • Subjects to whom the communication is expected by the Law, regulation or national / communitary legislation, and  the executions of the contractual or pre-contractual obbligations; 
  • Credit Institutions, Insurance Companies and other institutions for the execution of the contractual or pre-contractual obbligations.

In the scope of spreading data necessary for the completion of the tasks, individuals or juridical persons part of the following categories can happen to get to know data:

  • Advisors and professionals (technical, etc.) or societies that collaborates with the corporation for provide the service required or sell the product bought;
  • External office specialised in consultancy of accounting and tax management (i.e. accountant, job advisor, etc.).

The data collected are kept only for the period necessary to the purposes they were collected for, or in the terms required by the Law, communitary agrrements, or other regulations that the corporation must follow and be compliant with.

It is expected that it will be done regularly on a yearly basis a verification about the data handled and the possibilty to cancel them if not necessary anymore for the purposes listed before.


Data handling are not made or transferred abroad for the purposes previously listed.


GDPR guarantees to the users several rights about their own personal data handled by the owner; in any moment the user can exercise their rights, writing to the owner at the corporation headquarters or writing an email to the following address

Specifically, the Law recognise the rights according to artt. 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 77 and 82 of the GDPR (i.e. to obtain the confirmatio of the existence of their own data, the cancellation of the data handled under violation of the Law, the adjustment and opposition to ther use for legittimate reasons, etc.).